Motorcoach: Vehicle Inspections - Streaming Video Training Program (06906)
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Motorcoach: Vehicle Inspections - Streaming Video Training Program

Streaming Video Training Program provides up-to-date vehicle inspection training specific to the motorcoach industry. Read more.

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Note: When ordering Streaming Video Training Program, you will be provided a link to access the program you purchased. You will have 5 consecutive days to access the program starting from the time you click the link.

  • Streaming Video format allows trainers to conduct effective, affordable training wherever they have Internet access
  • Includes 5 days of access to the video plus downloadable Trainer's/Instructor's Guide, quizzes and answer keys, a training log and supplemental video content
  • Helps carriers and drivers protect their CSA scores
  • Helps ensure that drivers are able to prevent crashes caused by mechanical failure by conducting proper vehicle inspections
  • Helps control the high costs of crashes and vehicle break-downs caused by mechanical failures
  • Helps protect your company's bottom line from the high costs of violations counted in CSA and reduces the likelihood of your company undergoing a full compliance review intervention
  • Ready-to-use training program includes several components


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What's Included

  • Main Program
    • Introduction
    • Pre-Trip Inspection - Provides a 7-step procedure for doing a pre-trip inspection the same way, every time, to avoid missing anything:
      1. Vehicle Overview - covers reviewing the previous DVIR and inspecting the general, overall condition of the coach.
      2. Detailed Walk-Around - covers inspecting the windshield, windows, mirrors, tires, drive and steer wheels, suspension and brake components, luggage bays, emergency equipment, fueling area and rear mud flaps.
      3. Engine Compartment - covers checking for leaks, fluid levels, belts, alternator, air compressor, water pump, hoses, exhaust system and toilet tank reservoir.
      4. Inside the Coach - covers inspecting doors, windows, stair treads, handrails, seats, coach cleanliness, overhead luggage compartments, restroom, emergency, overhead and window exits, plus the mechanical functions of the coach, including gauges, turn signal, hazards, high beam indicators, kneeler control, tag axle, seat and seat belt, mirrors, climate controls, windshield wipers and washers, steering wheel, horns, lights and fire extinguisher.
      5. Light Check - covers lights, four-ways, turn signals, high beams, parking, clearance, side-marker, tail lights and brake light inspections.
      6. Brake System - covers leak checks, checking the emergency features of air brakes, rolling brake check and parking brake test.
    • On-the-Road Inspection - Goes over the requirement of on-the-road inspections and the critical areas to check.
    • Post-Trip Inspection/DVIR - Covers the post-trip inspection requirement, which typically mirrors the pre-trip inspection, as well as using the DVIR to record inspections and any safety issues that must be fixed.
    • Summary - Provides a brief review of the six-step vehicle inspection procedure and a reminder to conduct on-the-road and post-trip inspections.
  • Video Extras
    • Commentary – Offers interviews from professional motorcoach drivers and trainers, as well as passengers.
    • Quiz – 10 interactive questions; offers correct/incorrect remediation to reinforce effectiveness of training.
    • Note to Trainers – Gives introduction to the topic and the training program. For trainers and management.
  • Instructor's Guide
  • Quiz (with Answer Key)
  • Alternate Quiz (with Answer Key)
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Images (5)

To order supplemental training materials not included with the Pay Per View option, click here. Please allow time for delivery of supplemental training materials prior to your Pay Per View training session.

What's Covered

After completing this program, employees will understand:

  • A 6-step procedure for conducting thorough pre-trip inspections
  • On-the-road inspections, and critical areas to check when stopped
  • Post-trip inspections (which usually mirror pre-trip inspections) and the information that's recorded on the DVIR
  • The consequences of missed inspection points
  • The connection between proper vehicle inspections and customer safety and service


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