J. J. Keller® Encompass® with ELogs Fleet Management System

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EncompassJ. J. Keller Encompass is the industry’s most versatile fleet management system that automates your regulatory tasks, making it easier to reduce risk, improve operations and help you comply with complicated regulations, like electronic logging.

A cloud-based system with interactive tools, Encompass helps you manage every aspect of driver and unit compliance using in-depth reporting and proactive alerts. Encompass automates work-flow processes for highly regulated DOT requirements, like the ELog mandate, driver qualification, hours of service, hiring, alcohol and drug program management, fuel tax, and much more.

When paired with J. J. Keller ELDs, you can optimize driver and vehicle performance with targeted monitoring of behaviors captured from engine data. The result:

  • Reduced risk
  • Better operational workflow
  • Improved driver and unit performance
  • Superior oversight and accountability

Most fleets today are using ELogs, not only to comply with the ELD mandate, but also to leverage data to improve their business. Learn how J. J. Keller ELogs can improve and support your whole operation.

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The J. J. Keller® ELog Difference

J. J. Keller electronic logging devices (ELDs) comply with the ELD mandate. No hardware swap out is required. The solution has 4 components:

J. J. Keller® Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)

The J. J. Keller ELD collects engine and driver data for compliance and operational reporting. It's easy to install and is compatible with all vehicle classes. In addition, it's enabled with Bluetooth® technology to communicate with most smart devices on the market.

J. J. Keller Mobile® ELog App

Fleets use the free J. J. Keller Mobile app loaded on their driver's own cellular-enabled iPhone®, iPad® or Android smart devices, or fleets can choose to use the J. J. Keller Compliance Tablet if they prefer to provide a dedicated locked-down device. Our ELogs app receives data from the ELD via Bluetooth and allows drivers to change duty status, monitor available hours, receive alerts of impending hours-of-service violations, complete vehicle inspections and much more.

J. J. Keller® Encompass® Fleet Management System

The robust Encompass fleet management system helps you manage every aspect of FMCSA regulations. User-defined roles for access and management of data ensures your records are compliant and secure. The online portal streamlines operations and safety and gives instant visibility to compliance and operational data across the company. Areas of oversight include:

  • Hours of Service
  • Driver Qualification
  • Alcohol & Drug
  • Driver Performance Management
  • Fuel Tax Reporting
  • Unit Tracking & Maintenance
  • Optional Motor Vehicle Record and Alcohol & Drug Third-Party Administrator Management


Our client services team is highly trained, and specialists receive 8 weeks of training and undergo monthly evaluations to ensure your drivers and staff receive a quick expert response.

  • 24/7 driver technical support
  • 24/7 Driver Roadside Inspection Hotline
  • Technical support for Encompass users, Monday–Friday 7 AM–6 PM Central
  • Free DataQs challenge service
  • Robust online support site with guides, training videos and FAQs
  • Quarterly regulatory webcasts for subscribers

Choose Your Compliance Level

J. J. Keller Encompass offers more than E-Logs. With the Encompass fleet management system, you can easily add on management of critical functions in your business, like hiring, driver qualification, hours of service, training, licensing, maintenance, driver performance tracking and more. We recognize that while every fleet must comply with DOT regulations, every fleet is unique regarding their business and compliance priorities and needs. That's why J. J. Keller lets fleets choose what data to track on their drivers and units and how they want to track it.

Fleets can choose to only track hours-of-service information, electronically with E-Logs or manually. At any time you can add on automated fuel tax, CoPilot® Truck navigation and performance tracking to any driver with an ELD. You can also choose the Professional or Rugged J. J. Keller Compliance Tablet for an easy turnkey solution for E-Logs into your fleet.

Some fleets have a mix of regulated and non-regulated drivers, resulting in a combination of regulatory requirements for tracking and recordkeeping. With Encompass, fleets can choose which drivers (and vehicles) have additional FMCSA requirements to comply with, such as driver qualification, alcohol and drug program management, accident tracking, and training.

To learn more, call us at 855-693-5338 for a no-obligation discussion or fill out this form.

Why J. J. Keller?

J. J. Keller has been the leader in helping fleets comply with hours-of-service regulations for 65 years and is trusted by more than 500,000 customers. We are a reliable partner with the expertise and resources to competently deliver the compliance and technical requirements mandated by law. And we support our products and solutions with a client services team that positively impacts fleets and their drivers when technical help is needed. We offer free:

  • 24/7 driver support
  • Driver Roadside Inspection Hotline
  • Driver training resources
  • DataQs challenge service
  • Regulatory expertise
  • Robust online resource center
  • Optional implementation assistance

Customer Stories

"What we found in J. J. Keller was a partner that not only offered the ELog solution we wanted, but also all the implementation and training support we needed. I can't emphasize enough the substantial training and support J. J. Keller provided to help roll out ELogs at each of our locations."

— Jessie Simon, Operations Manager, Ashland Valvoline

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