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Hours of Service Training - Video Book (017410)
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Hours of Service Training - Video Book

Addresses the new HOS rules and provides a thorough explanation of the Hours of Service Regulations. Read more.

Product Code: 61363
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The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has issued four significant Hours of Service (HOS) rule changes for interstate drivers – effective September 29, 2020.  

The four new rule changes will improve safety, increase productivity, and increase flexibility for truck drivers:

  • 30-minute breaks (§395.3(a)(3)) - Drivers can remain "on duty" for their breaks and not have to take a break until completing eight hours of driving time, rather than consecutive time.
  • 100 air-mile exception (§395.1(e)(1)) - Drivers must be done working within 14 consecutive hours. Drivers must remain within a 150 air-mile radius.
  • Split-sleeper provision (§395.1(g)(1)) - Drivers must spend at least 7 hours in a sleeper berth, plus another break to reach 10 hours total. Neither rest period counts against the 14-hour limit.
  • Adverse conditions (§395.1(b)(1)) - Drivers may extend both their driving and on-duty limits by 2 hours.

The new Hours of Service Training program provides drivers with a thorough explanation of the Hours of Service Regulations, including how the rules help improve their safety and productivity.

  • Intended Audience: Property-Carrying CMV Drivers
  • Regs Covered: 49 CFR Part 395
  • English & Spanish available all in one program
  • The Video Training Book is a portable training format that allows you to leverage J. J. Keller® training video content anytime, anywhere. It is ideal for training one employee at a time. No internet connection or classroom needed! View the “What’s a video training book?” tab now to learn more!

What's Included

  • (1) Video Training Book containing a main program video - Combines engaging video and editing technology with expertise from industry professionals at all levels. Available in English & Spanish all in one program. Divided into six training modules:
    1. Basics
      • Who is Regulated?
      • Purpose of the Hours-of-Service Regulations
      • Working Time
      • Your Impact on Hours-of-Service CSA BASIC Score
    2. Limits
      • Ill or Fatigued Operator
      • 10-Hour Clock (Off-Duty)
      • 14-Hour (On-Duty) Limit
      • 11-Hour (Driving) Limit
      • 60- and 70-Hour (On-Duty) Limit
      • Interruption of Driving
      • 34-Hour Restart
    3. Recording Your Hours
      • Trip Planning
      • Coercion of Drivers Prohibited
      • Supporting Documents
      • Recording Duty Status
      • Roadside Inspections Expectations
    4. Exceptions
      • Air-Mile Radius Short-Haul
      • 16-Hour (“Big Day” Exception)
      • Split-Sleeper Berth
      • Adverse Driving Conditions
      • Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)
      • Oil Field
      • Agricultural Operations
      • Utility Service Vehicles
      • Personal Conveyance
      • Other Exceptions
    5. ELD Basics
      • ELD Use
      • Driver ELD Expectations
      • Harassment Prevention
    6. How to Complete a Manual Log
      • Driver’s Manual Log
      • Record of Duty Status
  • (6) Driver Handbooks - 5 English (Product Code: 61361) and 1 Spanish (Product Code: 61362) - Provide a full-color, portable, easy-to-understand reference to be used during and after training. Review key points and includes quizzes to check employees’ understanding of the material.
  • (1) Training Log
  • (1) Quiz Answer Key
  • (1) Earbud Set
  • (1) AC Adapter

What's Covered

After completing Module 1: Basics, drivers will be able to:

  • Identify who the hours-of-service regulations apply to
  • Recognize the purpose of the hours-of-service regulations
  • Differentiate between on-duty and off-duty activities
  • Explain how hours-of-service violations affect driver and carrier CSA scores

After completing Module 2: Limits, drivers will be able to:

  • Recognize how fatigue takes precedence over the limits
  • Identify off-duty activities that qualify as a 10-hour break
  • Describe how the 14-hour limit is calculated
  • Identify which duty status the 11-hour limit tracks
  • Determine when to use the 60- or 70-hour limit
  • Identify an exception which resets the 60- or 70-hour limit
  • Explain how to satisfy the 30-minute break required under the interruption of driving provision
  • Differentiate between cumulative and consecutive limits

After completing Module 3: Recording Your Hours, drivers will be able to:

  • Describe how to use trip planning to achieve successful time management
  • Identify two important components of coercion
  • Explain how supporting documents are used to validate recorded hours
  • Explain when to keep track of your hours using an ELD, manual log, or time record
  • Recognize how roadside inspection expectations differ between ELDs, manual logs, and time records

After completing Module 4: Exceptions, drivers will be able to:

  • Identify which drivers can use an hours-of-service exception
  • Describe what an exception relieves a driver from

After completing Module 5: ELD Basics, drivers will be able to:

  • Discuss when drivers are required to use an ELD
  • Identify the four items drivers must have in the cab when recording hours with an ELD
  • Describe how drivers can reduce unassigned drive time
  • Explain the process a driver must follow when their ELD malfunctions
  • Differentiate between coercion and harassment

After completing Module 6: How to Fill Out Manual Logs, drivers will be able to:

  • Identify required fields on a manual log
  • Prepare a record of duty status using a manual log
  • Describe how to complete a recap to determine the hours the driver has available on their 60- or 70-hour limit

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Video Training Book - English & Spanish


Product Code Description Size Screen Size Language Battery Type Battery Life Charging Port Format Copyright Date ISBN
Video Training Book - English & Spanish
8" x 9" x .5" hard cover book
7" LCD Screen
English & Spanish
3000 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery
Approximately 5 hours of continuous playback
Mini USB
Video Training Book

What's a Video Training Book?

The 8" x 9" x .5" hard cover "book" is wrapped in a soft-touch matte coated paper, and is perfect for:

  • Makeup training
  • Refresher training
  • Mobile employees
  • On-the-road training
  • Remote workers
  • New employee training
  • Contractor training
  • Temporary worker training

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