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Hazmat Transportation: Driver Training - Streaming Video Training Program (08879)
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Hazmat Transportation: Driver Training - Streaming Video Training Program

Streaming Video Training Program provides drivers with DOT-required hazardous materials training. Read more.

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Note: When ordering Streaming Video Training Program, you will be provided a link to access the program you purchased. You will have 5 consecutive days to access the program starting from the time you click the link.

  • This training program has been updated to include changes from the HM-215N final rule
  • Helps you comply with the regulatory training requirements of 49 CFR 172.704 for hazmat driver training
  • Features driver-specific training checklists, with special focus on function-specific training
  • Ready-to-use training program includes several components
  • Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired


Product Code Description Language Format Copyright Date
Streaming Video - English
Streaming Video
2014 (Rev. 1/18)

What's Included

  • 25-Minute Video - Combines engaging video and editing technology with expertise from industry professionals at all levels
    • Introduction - Explains the driver’s role and responsibility to transport hazmat safely
    • Hazmat Classification - Explains that hazardous materials are categorized into nine hazard classes, five of which are further broken down into divisions
    • Hazardous Materials Table - Explains that the Table provides essential information and guidelines on how hazmat must be shipped and that most of the key information on shipping papers and packages is obtained from the Table
    • Shipping Papers - Explains that in order for a hazardous material to be safely transported, it must be completely and properly described on the shipping papers, which drivers need to check against the load at pick-up; Shipping papers provide emergency response information to first responders
    • Emergency Response Information (ERI) - Explains the requirements drivers need to know to make sure all ERI is present and correct; drivers receive the ERI from properly filled out shipping papers
    • Packaging and Marking - Explains that how a material is packaged and marked is a significant aspect of transporting hazardous materials safely, and that it’s the driver’s responsibility to check that the shipper used the correct markings on the hazmat packagings
    • Labels - Explains that although it’s the shipper’s responsibility to select and attach the proper labels, it’s the driver’s responsibility to make sure they’re correct
    • Placards - Explains the importance of placards and their placement, and that the required placards will be listed in one of two placard tables in the HMR
    • Loading and Segregation - Explains the steps a driver must observe in getting a hazmat load ready for shipment, plus what hazmat classes and divisions may and may not be loaded together
    • Transportation Safety - Explains that it’s crucial for drivers to know the specific hazmat requirements for highway transportation (i.e., FMCSA requirements for tire checks, parking, following marked hazmat routes, restricted routes, knowing what to do in case of an accident)
    • Security Awareness - Explains why it’s of utmost importance that drivers know how to keep their load and themselves safe while en route and addresses required security awareness training
    • Conclusion - Reinforces the driver’s role and responsibility to safely transport hazmat
  • Bonus Materials
    • Quiz (Running time: approximately 10 minutes)
    • Note to Trainers (Running time: approximately 7 minutes)
  • Trainer Guide
  • Learning Activities
  • Sample Checklists
  • 10-Question Quiz (w/answer key) (2)
  • Alternate quiz (w/answer key)
  • PowerPoint® presentations (3)
  • Sample Hazardous Materials Policy
  • Clipart (8)
  • Posters (3)

Order supplemental training materials not included with the Pay Per View option: employee handbook and awareness poster. Please allow time for delivery of supplemental training materials prior to your Pay Per View training session.

What's Covered

After completing this program, employees will understand critical information about:

  • Hazard Classification (Classes and Divisions)
  • Hazardous Materials Table
  • Shipping Papers (and Emergency Response Information)
  • Marking and Packaging
  • Labels and Placards
  • Loading and Segregation
  • Transportation Safety and Security
  • Security Awareness


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