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EyeCue® Tags - Electrical Safety Electric Shock Hazard Reminder (09263)
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EyeCue® Tags - Electrical Safety Electric Shock Hazard Reminder

The EyeCue® Visual Learning System uses bright workplace visual prompts to reinforce employee training. Read more.

Product Code: 43313
List Price: $14.99
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  • Enhances employee retention of your training helping you reduce injuries and accidents
  • Place EyeCue® training tags in your workplace where employee identification of the related training lesson is critical
  • 3" x 4" (10-Pack) - 3.4 mil white vinyl stickers with removable adhesive backing
  • Made in the USA
Note: J. J. Keller® EyeCue® Tags help reinforce your safety and compliance training. They are NOT meant to be (or meant to compete with) required compliance signage and tags discussed in OSHA regulations and ANSI standards.

Volume Pricing

Volume Pricing
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Tag, 3" x 4" (10-Pack)


Product Code Description Material Sold As
Tag, 3" x 4" (10-Pack)
3.4 mil white vinyl
10 Items Per Pack

EyeCue® System

J. J. Keller® EyeCue® Visual Learning System

EyeCue Visual Learning SystemReinforce your safety and compliance training throughout the workplace with J. J. Keller® training programs featuring the new J. J. Keller® EyeCue® Visual Learning System.

The EyeCue® system is a whole new way of training, and how it works is easy:

  1. Train employees using J. J. Keller® programs enhanced with EyeCue® icons shown at key training points throughout the program.
  2. Identify areas in your company to place the corresponding EyeCue® tags where employee recall of those training lessons is critical.
  3. Reinforce the lessons by encouraging employees to associate the tags with the related J. J. Keller® training for greater retention.



EyeCue® DVD Upgrade Package includes:

EyeCue Visual Learning System

  • (1) EyeCue® DVD - Main program video enhanced with EyeCue® system
  • (1) EyeCue® Trainer Guide - Topic-specific guide explains how to effectively use and incorporate the EyeCue® Visual Learning System, 16 pages
  • (1) EyeCue® Poster - Topic-specific poster provides a daily reminder of the training lessons related to each EyeCue® tag. 17" x 22", non-laminated, folded. (Laminated version sold separately.)
  • (1) EyeCue® Tag Pack - Set of confined spaces-specific tags, magnets, stickers, floor signs and window clings for use in your workplace. Includes:
    • (10) Stickers - Electrical Safety Electric Shock Hazard Reminder, 3" X 4"
    • (10) Magnets - Electrical Safety Arc Flash/Blast Hazard Reminder, 3" X 4"
    • (10) Tags - Electrical Safety Cord Inspection Reminder, 3" X 4"
    • (5) Stickers - Electrical Safety Lockout/Tagout Needed Reminder, 8" X 9"
    • (5) Window Clings - Electrical Safety Don't Remove Ground Prong Reminder, 4" X 5"
    • (5) Floor Labels - Electrical Safety Don't Store Materials Here Reminder, 8" X 9"
    • (10) Miniature Zip Ties, 8"

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See the EyeCue® Visual Learning System in action:



Visit to learn more about the J. J. Keller® EyeCue® Visual Learning System, including all available EyeCue® workplace safety training programs, tags and posters to reinforce your training efforts.

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Additional sets of tags designed for use with Electrical Safety Know Your Ground EyeCue training program are also available:



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