Effective Communication for Employees - Online Course (06378)
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Effective Communication for Employees - Online Course

Helps employees understand how solid communication skills can improve working relationships, productivity and career growth. Read more.

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This program is available for 25 points per seat. A seat is one person assigned to one course. Already have a J. J. Keller Training On Demand account? Click here to log in. If you are a new customer, click here to learn more about Training Points.

Creating effective communication in your workplace requires not only the ability to speak and write well, but also the ability to listen and read attentively. As we discuss ways to improve your overall communication ability, we will look at what needs to be done on both sides of a conversation.

This course is designed to help the employee communicate and listen effectively.

  • The J. J. Keller Effective Communications for Employees online course covers the following topics:
    • Communication Basics
      • Effective Communication
      • Communication is Vital
      • How Communication Changed with Technology
      • Communication is not Easy
      • Methods of Communication
    • Effective Speakers & Writers
      • Ways to be an Effective Speaker/Writer
      • Think About Your Audience
      • Think Before You Speak
      • Proofread Before You Send
    • Effective Listeners & Readers
      • Active Listening
      • Acknowledge the Speaker or Writer
      • Show You Were Listening Methods
    • Advanced Effective Communication
      • Dual Role
      • Making a Connection
      • Body Language
      • Eye Contact
      • Stance & Posture
      • Dealing with Disagreements & Anger
      • Separate the Person from the Problem
      • Communication Failure
  • After completing this course, learners will be able to understand:
    • The definition of communication
    • The importance of effective communication
    • Methods by which communication happens
    • Keys to being an effective speaker and writer
    • Keys to being an effective and active listener and reader
    • The importance of making a connection when communicating
    • The importance of understanding body language
    • Methods for dealing with disagreements and anger
    • What to do when communication is ineffective
  • Intended Audience: All Employees
  • Length: 60 minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2012 (Rev. 12/17)

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