Coupling & Uncoupling: Double Trailers - Pay Per View Training (014881)
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Coupling & Uncoupling: Double Trailers - Pay Per View Training

Help drivers understand the techniques for coupling and uncoupling their double trailers safely. Read more.

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This driver training program is designed to help drivers understand the techniques that will help them with coupling and uncoupling their double trailers safely. Specifically, it covers how to safely position a converter dolly, how to connect the dolly to the front and rear trailers, how to disconnect the rear trailer, and the safe process for moving the dolly to storage.

  • Pay Per View format allows trainers to conduct effective, affordable training wherever they have Internet access
  • Includes 3 days of access to the video plus downloadable Trainer Guide
  • Program is viewable from video-capable, internet-connected mobile devices such as an iPhone and iPad, as well as most Android tablets and phones

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What's Included

  • (1) 10-minute video - Combines engaging video and editing technology with expertise from industry professionals at all levels. Divided into two chapters:
    • Coupling
      • Position the converter dolly
      • Connect the dolly to the front trailer
      • Connect the dolly to the rear trailer
    • Uncoupling
      • Disconnect the rear trailer
      • Tow dolly to its storage location
  • (1) Trainer Guide PDF - Provides information on how to develop, organize, and conduct effective double trailer training sessions.

What's Covered

After completing Chapter 1: Coupling, learners will know about:

  • Position the converter dolly
    • Roll dolly in front of rear trailer
    • Stop just before dolly's fifth wheel contacts trailer
    • Set dolly's parking brake and do visual check of height
  • Connect the dolly to the front trailer
    • Back front trailer into position
    • Attach dolly to tongue of front trailer
    • Connect air, electrical, and safety lines
  • Connect dolly to the rear trailer
    • Connect dolly's fifth wheel to rear trailer's kingpin
    • Check all the connections

After completing Chapter 2: Uncoupling, learners will know about:

  • Disconnect the rear trailer
    • Chock rear trailer tires and lower landing gear
    • Unhook air lines from dolly to rear trailer
    • Release dolly fifth wheel
    • Pull front trailer and dolly forward
    • Check landing gear
  • Tow dolly to its storage location
    • Unhook safety chains
    • Unhook air and electrical
    • Lower dolly's landing leg
    • Unlock pintle hook
    • Lift dolly off pintle hook and push to storage

System Req.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows XP with Service Pack 2, Vista or Windows 7
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher; or Firefox 3 or higher; or Chrome 7 or higher
  • Adobe Flash 8 or higher (Ensure other applications like Quicktime, iTunes, Real Player, or Windows Media Player aren't set as the default streaming application, as this might affect the video player.)
  • 1.2 GHz processor
  • 512 MB RAM

Broadband Connection to the Internet

  • Make sure you have a broadband connection to the Internet, not a dial-up connection. Check to see that no other devices or software in your system are using up bandwidth. We recommend at least a 3.0-Mbps connection speed for high-quality video and at least 1 Mbps for uninterrupted basic-quality video.

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