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Confined Spaces: Entry Team Training - Construction Activities - Streaming Video Training Program (08609)
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Confined Spaces: Entry Team Training - Construction Activities - Streaming Video Training Program

Streaming Video Training Program helps employees meet requirements of the new OSHA standard regarding construction activities in confined spaces. Read more.

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  • The new OSHA Standard requires that companies that do construction activities must "ensure that each of its employees who enter a permit-required confined space acquires the knowledge and skill necessary for the safe performance of confined space entry operations"
  • Addresses initial and refresher training requirements for the core members of entry team:
    • Authorized entrants
    • Attendants
    • Entry supervisors
  • Covers general aspects of working safely in confined spaces while ensuring compliance with the training requirements of the new regulation
  • Ready-to-use training program includes several components
  • Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired

What's Included

  • 27-minute video - Provides an overview of the hazards inherent to permit-required confined spaces on construction jobsites; precautions that must be taken before a confined space is entered; how to recognize and avoid unsafe conditions; and proper use of required protective and emergency equipment.
    • Introduction
    • Characteristics of confined spaces and the risks of working in them.
    • OSHA requirements that employees need to know.
    • How to stay safe when working around a confined space.
    • Employer requirements for identifying and classifying confined spaces.
    • Hazards of confined spaces:
      • Atmospheric hazards
      • Engulfment Hazards
      • Configuration Hazards
      • Physical hazards
    • Precautions to be taken before entering a confined space:
      • The entry permit.
      • Hazardous atmosphere tests.
      • Controlling engulfment, mechanical, electrical and pressure hazards.
    • The confined space entry team and their roles.
    • Safe entry of a confined space:
      • The steps of a typical pre-entry sequence.
      • The steps of a typical entry sequence, including cancellation requirements.
      • Proper use of required protective equipment.
      • How to recognize and avoid hazards while in the space.
      • Communication requirements.
    • Planning for a rescue:
      • The steps of a typical rescue procedure.
      • Examples of confined space accidents.
      • Why untrained workers must never attempt a rescue.
  • Bonus Materials
    • Quiz (10 questions with video remediation)
    • Note to Trainers (running time: 4 minutes)
    • Review Video (running time: 10 minutes)
  • Trainer Guide
  • Powerpoint® Presentation (1)
  • Quiz Bank (with Answer Key)
  • Learning Activities (with Answer Keys)
  • Images (9)
  • Posters (2)

What's Covered

After completing this program, learners will understand:

  • How to recognize the signs, symptoms, and characteristic effects of exposure to confined space hazards
  • Precautions that must be taken before a confined space is entered
  • How to recognize and avoid unsafe conditions
  • Proper use of required protective and emergency equipment
  • The role of the emergency rescue team


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