Recent Labor Law Poster Updates

26+ states have mandatory labor law poster changes January 2020. We had over 60 mandatory changed during 2019. Do you have compliant 2019 labor law posters?

Check the list below to find out whether your state has been affected by recent poster updates. Follow the links to learn more about the changes and purchase updated posters.

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State Update Effective Date
Alaska Minimum Wage 1/1/20
Arizona Minimum Wage 1/1/20
Arkansas Child Labor Law 8/1/19
California Minimum Wage 1/1/20
California Family and Medical Leave 4/1/19
California Discrimination 1/1/20
Colorado Minimum Wage 1/1/20
Colorado Unemployment Insurance 4/29/19
Connecticut Human Rights and Opportunities 10/1/19
Federal Contractor Minimum Wage 1/1/20
Florida Minimum Wage 1/1/20
Florida Workers' Compensation 3/7/19
Georgia Bill of Rights for Injured Workers 7/1/19
Illinois Minimum Wage 1/1/20
Indiana Child Labor Laws 7/1/19
Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Act 7/1/19
Kentucky OSHA 7/16/19
Kentucky Equal Employment Opportunity 6/27/19
Maine Minimum Wage 1/1/20
Maryland Minimum Wage 7/1/19
Maryland Child Labor 9/4/19
Massachusetts Safety and Health Protection 10/15/19
Massachusetts Paid Familty and Medical Leave 7/1/19
Michigan Minimun Wage 3/29/19
Michigan Paid Sick Leave 3/29/19
Minnesota Minimum Wage 1/1/20
Missouri Minimum Wage 1/1/20
Montana Minimum Wage 1/1/20
Nevada Safety and Health and Workers' Compensation 11/7/19
New Hampshire Employment Discrimination 7/24/19
New Jersey Temporary Disablility Insurance 7/24/19
New Jersey Family Leave Act 6/30/19
New Jersey Minimum Wage 7/1/19
New Mexico Minimum Wage 1/1/20
New York Minimum Wage and Descrimination 1/1/20
Ohio Minimum Wage 1/1/20
Oklahoma Workers' Compensation 1/1/20
Oregon Workplace Accommodations 1/1/20
South Dakota Minimun Wage 1/1/20
Vermont Minimum Wage 1/1/20
Virginia EITC 2/6/19
Virginia Job Safety and Health Protection 8/1/19
Washington Minimum Wage 1/1/20
Washington Domestic Violence 7/28/19
Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance 9/9/19