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Essentials of Employee Relations Manual — Free!

A $312 value absolutely free!

  • Critical HR best practice tips and real-world applications in one convenient resource
  • Comprehensive guide is an ideal resource for anyone with responsibilities related to employee relations, including HR managers and supervisors, recruiters and more
  • Covers all aspects of the employee/employer relationship:
    • Recruiting and Hiring – Best practices for the hiring process from advertising, interviewing, and background checks to onboarding and job training
    • Management and Development – Tips for better employee communication from discipline and corrective actions to recognition and incentive programs
    • Separations – Guidance on handling terminations, layoffs, voluntary quits, retirements and post-employment inquiries
  • Helps you gain valuable insight and improve employee interactions with real-world examples, illustrations and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) surrounding employee relations
  • Loose-leaf, 3-ring bound, approximately 600 pages
Essentials of Employee Relations Manual
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