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December 15 is the last day to submit 2016 Summary data to OSHA

Posted December 14, 2017

The deadline for many, but not all, employers to submit their 2016 300-A Summary data to OSHA is December 15th. Affected employers must electronically submit their data using OSHA’s Injury Tracking Application portal (ITA).

Affected employers are those that:

  • Are already keeping OSHA Injury and Illness Logs (OSHA 300 Logs); and
  • Have establishments with 250 or more employees; or
  • Have establishments with 20-249 employees whose NAICS codes are listed in Appendix A to Subpart E.

In 2018, the reporting date changes to July 1 and affected employers with establishments with 250 or more employees must submit all of their injury and illness recordkeeping data. Employers with 20-249 employees will still only submit their 300-A Summary data.

Note that employers in California, Maryland, Minnesota, South Carolina, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming will not submit data this year because these states have not yet adopted the requirement. Also, state and local government establishments in Illinois, Maine, New Jersey, and New York are not currently required to submit their data through the ITA.

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