New OSHA fact sheets address protecting agriculture and maritime workers from hazards

Industry risks include tractor accidents and the use of hazardous chemicals

Posted November 23, 2015

OSHA developed two new fact sheets for agriculture and maritime workers to help protect workers from industry-specific hazards.

According to the agency, most farmworker injuries and deaths involve tractors, including overturns, run-overs, sudden start-ups, and unintended contact with tractor attachments or implements. OSHA’s new fact sheet on Protecting Agriculture Workers from Tractor Hazards shows employers how to help protect their agricultural workers.

Another new OSHA fact sheet on Hazards During the Repair and Maintenance of Refrigeration Systems on Vessels advises maritime industry employers how to protect workers who service these systems, which use hazardous chemicals including ammonia and Freon®. According to OSHA, worker exposure to these compounds may occur during maintenance and repair activities, or as a result of leaks. Depending on which refrigerant is used, different precautions may be required.

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