How well do you know worker rights? Take the employment law poster quiz

Posted September 7, 2016

By Terri Dougherty, PHR, editor, J. J. Keller & Associates

A worker’s right to minimum wage, overtime pay, and a safe work environment certainly is no secret. In fact, employees should be reminded of these rights every time they enter the workplace or stop by the break room.

Every business needs to conspicuously display employment law posters outlining employee rights. These notices contain key elements of the Fair Labor Standards Act, Occupational Safety and Health Act, and other applicable employment laws. However, do you know what these key elements are?

Test yourself to see how well you know the employment law details that are spelled out on federal posters.

1) The federal minimum wage rate of $7.25 per hour has been in effect since:

a) January 1, 1990
b) July 24, 2007
c) January 1, 2009
d) July 24, 2009

2) Fill in the blanks: The Department of Labor has authority to recover ________ ________ and ___________ _____________ in instances of minimum wage, overtime, and other violations.

a) back wages and liquidated damages
b) back wages and missing files
c) liquidated damages and secret passwords
d) back wages and vacation time

3) Under the Employee Polygraph Protection Act, employers are generally prohibited from requiring an employee to take a:

a) Drug test
b) Breathalyzer test for alcohol
c) Test requiring use of a calculator
d) Lie detector test

4) True or False: An employee may request the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to inspect the workplace if he or she believes unsafe and unhealthful conditions are present.

a) True
b) False

5) Employers must report all work-related fatalities to OSHA within 8 hours, and all inpatient hospitalizations, amputations, and losses of an eye within _____ hours.

a) 10
b) 20
c) 24
d) 72

6) USERRA prohibits employers from discriminating against past and present members of the:

a) Uniformed Services
b) United States
c) United Services
d) U.S. Postal Service

7) The “Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law” poster notes that the Age Discrimination in Employment Act protects applicants and employees age ____ and over from discrimination based on age.

a) 21
b) 35
c) 40
d) 65

8) True or False: Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, eligible employees can take up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave in a 12-month period for reasons covered by the FMLA.

a) True
b) False


1) d, July 24, 2009 (found on the FLSA poster)
2) a, back wages and liquidated damages (FLSA poster)
3) d, Lie detector test (Employee Polygraph Protection Act poster)
4) a, True (OSHA poster)
5) c, 24 (OSHA poster)
6) a, Uniformed Services (Your Rights Under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act poster)
7) c, 40 (EEO is the Law poster)
8) a, True (FMLA poster)

Employment law posters are filled with details, and it can be easy to overlook the important information they share. Being familiar with their content can help a corporate leader answer questions from employees regarding these rights, and also act as a reminder of the many compliance requirements these laws contain.

About the author:

Terri Dougherty

Terri Dougherty is a certified Professional in Human Resources and an editor for J. J. Keller & Associates, a nationally recognized compliance resource firm. The company offers a diverse line of products and services to address the broad range of responsibilities held by HR and corporate professionals. She is the author of products on topics ranging from drug-free workplace and drug & alcohol testing to employment law posting requirements. For more information, visit