Michigan tells employers to plan ahead to prevent falls

Governor declares Workplace Falls Awareness Month

Posted May 3, 2017

Governor Rick Snyder declared May to be Workplace Falls Awareness Month in Michigan, reminding employers to plan ahead to prevent falls. Out of 43 fatalities in Michigan in 2016, nearly half were fall-related. The majority of the fatalities occurred in the construction and tree-trimming industries, according to the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA).

Recently, MIOSHA unveiled a comprehensive fall prevention public service campaign and website, which features fact sheets, standards, public service announcements, videos, and other resources. The state agency works to connect with employer and employee groups to raise awareness about fall hazards.

MIOSHA says that to prevent employees from being injured from falls, employers must:

  • Work to identify fall hazards on the job and mitigate them,
  • Provide employees with the appropriate equipment to eliminate the fall hazards,
  • Train employees on the fall hazards and the proper use of the equipment and other safeguards, and
  • Guard floor openings and unprotected floor edges to prevent falls to lower levels.

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