Fact Sheet provides details on rescue planning in permit-required confined spaces

Employers must have emergency procedures under standard

Posted May 3, 2016

OSHA published a Fact Sheet for employers on summoning rescue or emergency services in permit-required confined spaces. The Confined Spaces in Construction standard requires employers to develop and implement procedures for summoning rescuers for emergency situations.

The Fact Sheet contains information for employers on selecting off-site emergency responders by finding a service that has the required equipment, is able to respond quickly, and is capable of handling potential hazards. Furthermore, the selected emergency responders must be provided with access to all permit-required confined spaces such as a project site plan, GPS coordinates, and access routes, gates, or landmarks.

The document also contains information for emergency service providers to help with preparation such as checklist questions.

OSHA encourages pre-rescue planning, communication, and effective coordination among employers and emergency service providers.


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