OSHA fact sheet now available on farm vehicle backover hazards

Agency says accidents can be prevented with proper training, enforcing backup techniques

Posted January 7, 2016

OSHA has developed a new fact sheet that identifies the key causes of backover incidents on farms. The fact sheet outlines safety measures to prevent farmworkers from being struck by vehicles including worker training, driving alternate routes, and using hand signals or spotters when noise or distance is a factor.

According to OSHA, most backover incidents are due to employers not fully training vehicle operators and enforcing proper backing up techniques and preventive safety measures. Employers should ensure that unnecessary backing up is avoided.

In addition, employers should also ensure that both the operator and other workers are always aware of their surroundings. Moreover, employers should develop and require the use of alternate travel routes and backover safety systems, which are effective safeguards to prevent backover incidents.

The entire fact sheet can be viewed at www.osha.gov/Publications/OSHA3840.pdf.

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