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New Multi-User Functionality Reduces ELog Costs for Fleets

J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. introduces multi-user functionality and construction rule set to Electronic Logging System

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Neenah, WI - J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. has developed an easier, more cost-efficient method for maintaining multiple driver Hours of Service records electronically with the creation of multi-user functionality within the J. J. Keller ELDs.

“Multi-user functionality allows fleets to track HOS data for multiple drivers at a fraction of the cost,” said Amy Daley, senior manager of transport products for J. J. Keller. “With this feature, multiple mobile users can share one common device, reducing the capital outlay and recurring monthly expenses related to procuring, supporting and maintaining multiple devices.”

The new functionality is particularly beneficial for industries with drivers who frequently transition from vehicle to vehicle, including hyrail, oil and gas, logging, utility and construction.

J. J. Keller has also expanded its electronic logging system to include the construction Hours of Service rule set. For drivers whose primary role is to maintain the supply of construction equipment, construction maintenance vehicles, or pavement materials to and from an active construction site, this exemption allows a 24-hour restart instead of 34 hours.

“Construction companies understand their business isn’t like over-the-road truck operations. That’s why they expect a flexible and compliant Hours of Service solution from their ELog provider that also takes advantage of operational efficiencies in line with FMCSA rules,” said Tom Bray, senior transportation editor for J. J. Keller. “Expanding the number of rule sets in our electronic logging system allows us to support the compliant use of exemptions by drivers in each specific segment of the industry.”

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