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DOT ROI Calculator


Average Direct Cost Per Violation
Source: OSHA 2011

Average Indirect Cost Per Violation
Source: OSHA
Cost of Violations $0
Value of Reduced Violations 20% Reduction in Violations $00000
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Average Direct Cost of Major Injury
Source: NSC Injury Facts, 2012

Average Direct Cost of Minor Injury
Source: CDC, 2005

Average Indirect Cost of Injury
(1.1 major, 1.6 minor)
Major: $40,700
Minor: $6,400

Source: OSHA
Cost of Injuries $00000
Value of Reduced Injuries 20% Reduction in Injuries $00000
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Total Investment $0
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  • Total Return: $000000
  • Total Investment: $00000
  • ROI%: 000%