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Webcasts - Available On-demand
Since every workplace is unique, no single plan could fit every business. However, all plans follow a similar framework, and employers should understand what options are available to place within that framework. Questions employers may need to address could include: How long should employees continue wearing masks? What measures could protect workers beyond distancing and barriers? What surfaces require cleaning or disinfecting, and how often? Each employer must answer these (and many other) questions based on their particular circumstances. This presentation is intended to help employers make those decisions for themselves. A live Q&A session will follow the event.
Webcasts - Available On-Demand
FMCSA is adding another compliance enforcement tool – off-site audits. In 2019, the use of off-site audits rose over 300%! While the audit method may be different from an on-site audit, the results are much the same and could include a hit to your safety rating, fines and penalties. Join J. J. Keller subject matter expert Daren Hansen, as he explains how this surge in off-site audits could impact your fleet. He’ll discuss: How FMCSA selects carriers for audits and why you might be next How audits are conducted and how you can prepare What you can do now to lower your risk of being selected for an audit This 30-minute event will include a live q&a session - bring your questions!
Webcasts - Available On-demand
During this webcast, attorney Doug B. Marcello and J. J. Keller consultant and subject-matter expert Tom Bray, will share their professional expertise on accident investigation from a legal and compliance perspective. They’ll debunk common myths that can sabotage your legal efforts, address FMCSA accident reporting requirements, and discuss the risks associated with: Exchanging and disseminating accident information Unnecessary testing, interviews, and inspections Insurance company procedures This complimentary one-hour event will help you plan and protect your driver and company in the unfortunate event of an accident. Don’t miss it!
Webcasts - Available On-Demand
Ensuring that your commercial motor vehicle drivers are fully qualified at all times can be a confusing and daunting task, but it’s vital if you want to avoid the fines, penalties, and liability that can result from noncompliance. Join us as we discuss the most commonly asked questions and “pain points” concerning the management of driver qualification (DQ) files, including: DQ File Basics Road Tests Safety Performance History Medical Certification Driving Records (MVRs) Noncompliance If you have questions, we have answers!
Webcasts - Available On-demand
Discover how the Safety Management Cycle (SMC) — which is used by investigators as the primary tool for conducting Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration audits — can be used to help you significantly improve safety and compliance in your fleet. During this hour-long webcast you’ll learn… The six components of the SMC How to turn the SMC into a template for your safety program Tips for applying the SMC to critical areas, such as unsafe driving and hours of service You'll also have the opportunity to participate in a live Q&A session, so be sure to bring your questions!
Webcasts - On-Demand
From Live Seminar to Virtual Event! In the current COVID-19 environment, J. J. Keller is adapting our live seminars into a virtual setting so we can continue to bring you the latest information you need to keep your employees safe! Attend this new complimentary OSHA Virtual Event where we’ll dive into the latest OSHA news, including new policies, letters of interpretation, and, of course, proposed and final rules. Additional topics being covered during this event include OSHA Inspection Preparedness, OSHA Updates on COVID-19 in the Workplace including Return to Work Guidance, as well as Injury and Illness Recordkeeping in the Workplace. In this virtual event, you'll gain valuable insights, interact with live on-screen presenters and ask questions throughout the event!
The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requires quite a bit of communication between employer, employee, health care provider, and even benefits managers. Failure to communicate can lead to an expensive court ruling, so it pays to get it right, and to ensure that clear communication has occurred. This webcast will discuss: Notice of need for leave Eligibility/rights & responsibility notice Certification/Recertification Designation notice Call-in policies Working while on leave Fitness-for-duty Bring your questions - we will also save time for a Q&A session!
As the foundation of your compliance program, policies and procedures require frequent review to ensure you're meeting the regulatory requirements.  This is particularly important as recent regulation changes may necessitate updates to your current policies and procedures. Join us as we discuss: The process of policy development The 6 factors that relate to your policies and procedures The importance of having policies and procedures, and How to handle policy changes This webcast will also include sample policies and a live q&a session.
Getting back to business as usual, might look a bit different post-pandemic. Whether you have employees who are subject to a quarantine or isolation order, employees who are reluctant to return to work, or you have an employee who tested positive or has related symptoms, you need to respond appropriately to keep your employee population safe, while maintaining productivity. Having a plan in place can help you handle situations if or when they arise. This complimentary event will include a live Q&A session.
Webcasts - Virtual Event!
From Live Seminar to Virtual Event! In the current COVID-19 environment, J. J. Keller is adapting our live seminars into a virtual setting so we can continue to bring you the latest information you need to keep your fleet safe! Three areas of compliance result in some of the highest fines levied by the FMCSA: driver qualification, alcohol & drug testing, and hours of service. They also cause the greatest concern and confusion for safety professionals. Attend this new complimentary “virtual” event to discover regulatory updates, best practices for improving the ways you address these areas. You'll also gain valuable industry insights, interact with live on-screen presenters and ask questions throughout the event!
Like many fleet professionals, you may check your company’s CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) scores periodically. But to effectively manage safety and reduce liability, you need to analyze the data behind your scores. This webcast will show you how to: Examine your CSA data for compliance vulnerabilities and risks Turn that data into action for improving safety and compliance Monitor your data going forward to ensure your actions are effective If you have questions on CSA, bring them! We will include a live q&a session following the event.
How to manage your motor carrier’s drug testing program. To date, 33 states have adopted legalized medical marijuana and 11 allow recreational use. In addition, CBD use is becoming more common. Motor carries need to know how these trends impact their workforce, both DOT-regulated and general employees. Join the conversation as we discuss: DOT prohibitions, Non-DOT testing programs, Employment issues, Substance abuse policies, and Industry best practices.
A regulatory overview and best practices for compliance: Employee training is required by a number of regulations, but spending time and resources to provide training in non-mandatory topics can help better protect your employees and your company's bottom line. Satisfying any compliance obligation is important, but your overall goal should be ensuring the safety, welfare, and productivity of your workers. Most mandated training helps employees protect themselves and avoid hazards, but training in additional areas (even if not required) helps protect your business as well. Topics to be covered include: Bloodborne Pathogens COVID-19 and FMCSA Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Programs and Clearinghouse COVID-19 and OSHA Sexual Harassment Hours of Service You'll walk away from this event knowing who should receive training, when training should (or must) be provided, and why providing that training is important.
Managing a DOT drug and alcohol program means dealing with many details. If a mistake is made or something is misunderstood, the result could be a violation that goes undetected — until you’re audited by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Your obligation to report information to and query data from the CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse could reveal your testing program’s shortfalls. It could even put an unnecessary end to a driver’s career. In this webcast, you’ll learn tips for avoiding common program management mistakes that could be revealed through the Clearinghouse … and result in fines, penalties, and other consequences. You’ll also learn why such errors could impact your drivers’ careers and harm the overall effectiveness of the Clearinghouse itself.
You know well the challenges of running an operation. And the current state of the economy is likely adding to the pressure you feel to get more out of your fleet. You need timely facts and accurate data to feed your decision-making process. Even with the best drivers and vehicles, there’s always room to improve productivity. Join J. J. Keller subject matter expert Rick Malchow as he shares from his experience about the areas of your operation that can reap the benefits of GPS tracking, including: Customer service and communications, Safety and risk, Route planning, Delay and detention investigation, Vehicle protection and recovery, And more. He'll also talk about how a GPS vehicle tracking solution can help you calculate and file your IFTA and IRP reports. A Q&A session is included. Sign up today!
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