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Managed Services

Managed Services

Let our experienced team of compliance specialists work with you to handle time-consuming compliance management for your drivers, vehicles and employees. Our team provides real ROI by eliminating internal costs and paying close attention to your compliance.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Get tailored regulatory expertise at your site. Our veteran consultants bring their deep compliance and best practice knowledge to you. You can rely on our expertise in regulations enforced by DOT, OSHA, EPA, DOL and hundreds of state agencies.

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Online Services

Choose our cloud-based technology to help you manage your workplace and fleet, with anytime, anywhere access. All online services offer a dashboard and easy navigation, to keep you always abreast of regulatory compliance.

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Mar 29 2023

Virtual Event! Major OSHA and DOT Regulations for the Healthcare Industry

Patient safety — we know it’s a focus area for your hospital, clinic, nursing facility, or medical transport service, and keeping your Joint Commission or other accreditation in check is a priority. That means worker safety and health may not always be top of mind, and applicable transportation safety regulations might be overlooked for 9- to 15-passenger vans or larger vehicle types.

However, consider this … can patient safety efforts succeed without safe healthcare workers and safe transportation of patients? Probably not. Will patients give high satisfaction ratings without these? The answer is likely no. That’s because the hazards faced by healthcare workers and vehicle operators may also impact patients.

The trouble is the OSHA and DOT laws and regulations are not easy to understand and implement. That’s where our 90-minute virtual event can help! We’ll explore:
• Major federal OSHA compliance topics for healthcare, including injury/illness recordkeeping, infectious diseases, hazardous chemicals, slips/trips/falls, patient handling, and workplace violence.
• Major federal DOT compliance topics for healthcare, including the applicability of interstate motor carrier safety regulations, driver training, enforcement, and noncompliance risks.
• And more!

Join us for this online event to learn about OSHA and DOT laws and regulations that affect you and your industry! Register today!

Mar 29 2023

Supporting Employee Mental Health: Building resilience and enhancing well-being

More than ever, workers see mental health as a priority. They understand its importance and are looking for support.

While there is much about work that can strain mental health, from workloads and deadlines to coworker conflict and customer concerns, the workplace can be good for mental health. Work can be fulfilling and meaningful, and the workplace can provide a sense of community. By updating policies, addressing sources of stress, and providing resources for employees, employers can effectively support worker well-being and mental health.

Failing to address worker mental health can lead to plummeting productivity, an increase in turnover, and a drained workforce. Join us to learn how to foster a culture that supports worker mental health. We’ll examine:

• Stressors weighing on your workers
• The mental and physical impact of stress
• Resources employees can turn to
• Creating a culture of well-being
• Creative ways to build resilience

This complimentary event will end with a live Q&A session.

Mar 30 2023

Virtual Event! OSHA Accident & Incident Investigations - Root Cause & Prevention Methods

Attend this complimentary OSHA Virtual Event on OSHA Incident investigation to learn about identifying root causes to prevent future incidents! We will explore the accident investigation process, with tips for conducting witness interviews.

Gain Expert Insights:
• This seminar will provide key insights and best practices on the OSHA regulations including:
• Identifying and addressing immediate and common root causes and how they differ.
• Steps to follow when investigating incidents including witness statements & interview tips.
• Assigning accountability when selecting and implementing corrective actions.
• Training guidance for workers, temps, and managers to help reduce future accidents.

Blaming the employee is not a Root Cause: Many accident investigations end with the employee being at fault, but that means the investigation hasn’t dug deep enough to find the root cause. We’ll examine ways to handle employee factors such as complacency, resistance to change, lack of supervisor support, and production pressure. Plus, get a chance to receive a free whitepaper!

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