Your company is unique. That’s why you need the industry’s most flexible electronic logging solution – J. J. Keller’s E-Log System. From choosing your smart device and network to selecting back-office compliance options (from simple e-log compliance to maintaining qualification and vehicle files and tracking driver and vehicle performance), our E-Log solution will help you be compliant and competitive by prioritizing your organizational needs.

Find out how easy E-Logs can be.

Learn why Mercer Transportation selected J. J. Keller as their E-Log partner.

Videos and Testimonials

Learn how Roadrunners Autotransport Saved 10-14% on fuel costs using J. J. Keller E-Logs

J. J. Keller Mobile® Install and Configuration for Android™

Common Daily Functions of J. J. Keller Mobile® for Android™

Making the move from paper logs to E-Logs – See how easy it can be with Encompass®

Aviagen™ Reduces CSA Scores with J. J. Keller E-Logs

Fortiline Waterworks & J. J. Keller's Encompass

Events & Webcasts:

  • Free Webcast - February 24, 2015
    Mercer and the Move to E-Logs: Making Life Easier Register Now
  • Free Webcast - March 5, 2015
    Hours of Service & ELD Update Register Now
  • Free Event - March 10, 2015
    HOS and Electronic Logs: The Future Is Now Register Now
  • Free Event - March 17, 2015
    ELDs Workshop - The Future Is Now!Register Now
  • Free Event - March 31, 2015
    Hours of Service & ELD UpdateRegister Now

J. J. Keller E-Logs offer you the freedom to choose the system that’s right for your business.

Learn more about J. J. Keller’s E-Log System & get a free ELD Change Management whitepaper.

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