Hazardous Waste

A hazardous waste is a potentially dangerous substance you may have used or produced at your facility and no longer need or want. Proper hazardous waste disposal procedures must be used to prevent injury, death, and pollution to land, air or water.

Knowing and understanding hazardous waste regulations and how they apply to your daily operations helps you protect your organization, your employees, and the environment.

J. J. Keller includes a wide variety of solutions and services to help you manage HazWaste. Whether you need hazardous waste labels, containers, guidance on hazardous waste disposal, training programs, or anything else HazWaste-related, you’ll find what you need at jjkeller.com.

Our products and services can help you address your HazWaste needs, including:

  • Accumulation and storage
  • Hazardous waste disposal
  • Shipping
  • Universal waste management
  • Used oil management
  • Information on EPA and DOT regs
  • Hazardous waste labels and markings
  • Emergency response planning
  • Hazardous waste training
  • Waste identification
  • And much more