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Keller-Soft® Technical Support

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Please see the following topics for more information regarding our software products:
Program Support | Installing Program | Registration/Activation | How-To | Error Messages

Program Support

Effective 1/1/15, Technical Support for all products listed below is no longer available.

Please click on the appropriate link below for additional information on a particular software program.

J. J. Keller's FMLA Manager II™ (discontinued 12/31/12; replaced with FMLA Manager)
Keller-Soft® E-Z Access Recordkeeper (discontinued 06/01/11; no replacement option) – Download User Manual (PDF, 261KB)
Keller-Soft® OSHA 300 Recordkeeper (discontinued 09/30/11; replaced with OSHA Incident Tracker)
Keller-Soft® Safety Audit Customizer® (discontinured 12/31/14; possible replacement option KellerOnline) – Download User Manual (PDF, 640KB)
Keller-Soft® Safety Plan Customizer® (discontinued 12/31/14; possible replacement option KellerOnline)
Keller-Soft® Safety Training Customizer® (discontinued 12/31/14; possible replacement option KellerOnline) – Download User Manual (PDF, 237KB)
Keller-Soft® Waste Manifest and Label Maker (discontinued 12/31/14; no replacement option)
Keller-Soft® Workers' Comp Manager II plus OSHA 300 Recordkeeper (discontinued 08/31/11; replaced with OSHA Incident Tracker)
SAFE•Sim™ Truck Driving Simulator (discontinued 12/31/14; no replacement option) – View Support Info

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Installing Program

How do you install a Keller-Soft® product?
To install any Keller-Soft® product, please do the following:

  1. Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive
  2. Close all open applications
  3. From the taskbar, click 'Start', then 'Run'
  4. In the Open dialog box that appears, type: d:\setup (User should use the appropriate letter that designates their CD-ROM drive, if not d)
  5. Click 'OK' or press Enter on the keyboard.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Installation instructions are also available on the instructions card located in the jewel case.

Why do Keller-Soft® products not auto-run?
Some Keller-Soft® programs give customers the option of saving valuable hard disk space by leaving large programs files on the CD-ROM. In these instances, a user will need to have the CD-ROM in the drive every time they access the program. With autorun installation, the program would try to install every time the user inserted the CD, even though the program has already been installed.

Will Keller-Soft® software run on a wide area network (WAN)?
Keller-Soft® software is designed to function in a local area network (LAN) environment only. Software running on a WAN would likely operate very slowly, and at times, may appear that the program has locked up.

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How do I receive a purchase key?
Your Purchase Key can either be found on the inside or back of your CD case.

My purchase key is not working. What should I do?
First of all, make sure you are entering the Purchase Key in the field where it asks for the Purchase Key. Often times, people confuse this number with the Customer Registration Number. Make sure the error message you receive does not say, “Invalid Customer Registration Number.”

Next, make sure you have Internet access.

If you do have Internet access, the issue is most likely due to your company’s firewall settings, as some companies’ firewalls block the transmission of the Purchase Key data. If that could be the case, please contact Technical Support.

When registering my software, I receive an “Invalid Customer Registration Number” message.
Ensure your entering a correct Customer Registration Number, not a purchase key, in this field. Registration numbers are 16 characters long and begin with 2 letters followed by 14 numbers. If you do not have a Customer Registration Number, choose the option to register via the internet.

I’ve purchased my software, but why do I receive a message asking me to “Continue evaluating the software” or “Buy now”?
Some Keller-Soft® applications give customers an option to evaluate the software before purchasing. In order to unlock the software, simply enter the purchase key you received via email.

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How To

How do I move my current data to a new computer?
Please do the following:

  1. Install the software on your new PC, noting the install folder path (default is C:\jjka).
  2. Locate the software installation folder on the workstation where the data resides (default is C:\jjka).
  3. Copy this folder to portable media (i.e. thumb drive) or a shared network location.
  4. Overwrite the existing install folder on the new pc with the one copied over from the original workstation.
  5. Open the program and verify data transferred successfully.

When trying to load a SAFE-Sim® drive, it says “Loading Your Trip,” but when it finishes loading, all that displays is a black screen. (There may be the sound of a truck idling.)
This is a known issue with NVidia’s video card drivers and dual core processors. There are two possible solutions.

Solution 1

  1. Hit escape and close out of SAFE-Sim®. Exit to the desktop.
  2. Click on Start – Run. Type “notepad C:\jjka\100SIM\settings.xml”
  3. Find the line that says: <IsTVWindowed>0</IsTVWindowed>
  4. Change the 0 to a 1 and click on File – Save.

Launch SAFE-Sim®. When the trip starts, it will open in a full screen “windowed” mode. There will be a title bar, but this will not affect the drive. If there is a cursor in the middle of the screen, it can be moved aside.

Solution 2
Disable the second processor core. This can be accomplished in two different ways. The first is to reboot the computer and go into BIOS / setup. Dell’s BIOS will be used in the example below.

  1. When the Dell screen displays, hit F2 to enter setup.
  2. Open Performance.
  3. Select “Multiple CPU Core” and hit Enter.
  4. Change it from “On” to “Off,” or from “Enabled” to “Disabled,” and hit Enter again.
  5. Hit the Escape key. It will prompt to save changes and exit.

When the computer reboots, SAFE-Sim® should work correctly.

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Error Messages

"The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data (3051)."
This is a permissions issue. Ensure the account running the program has “Full Control” over the installation folder. By default this is C:\jjka. During registration and/or activation, information will need to be written to the system registry. Temporary access to the registry may be necessary during this process.

"The 'Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0' provider is not registered on the local machine."
This may occur if installing on a 64bit Operating System. If this is the case, install the software on a workstation with a 32bit Operating System.

I receive the message – “Component 'agentctl.dll' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid” after activating my software on Windows 7 machine.
Download and install the Microsoft hot fix:

When opening my software, I get an “Unexpected error” message.
To resolve this error, right-click on the software icon, and choose “Run as Administrator.”

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