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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (November 10, 2011)

J. J. Keller Hosts Yukon Quest Champion and Iditarod® Record Holder

Jim Keller and Dallas Seavey

Neenah, WIAlaska is home to the youngest musher to win the Yukon Quest (2011), the youngest musher to finish the Iditarod (2005), and the youngest musher to finish the Iditarod in the top 5 (2011) … Dallas Seavey.

Hosted by race team sponsors James and Rosanne Keller, Dallas Seavey took a break from his Iditarod training in Alaska to visit the associates at J. J. Keller in Neenah, to share race stories, footage of his dogs and their training, and his 2012 Iditarod goals, and to inspire associates with stories of success through teamwork.

In 2011 Dallas, age 23, became the youngest musher (by seven years) to win the 1,000-mile Yukon Quest, considered the toughest sled dog race in the world. Dallas intended the race to serve solely as training for the Iditarod. However, his ability to overcome extreme conditions and a dangerous situation set the stage for an eventual victory.

“Dallas was in an overflow on the Yukon River. All of a sudden he was off the charts, and nobody knew where he was, and it was 50 below zero,” James Keller said. “Imagine being up to your waist in water, with your team and sled, and it’s 50 below … and you’re 30 miles from the next checkpoint. But he figured it out. He had two pair of wool socks and a sleeping bag, and his dogs got him to the checkpoint. It took 30 minutes for four men with chisels to remove his frozen boots.”

“There’s a sense of accomplishment when you make it through a situation like this,” Dallas said about his near-death experience in the Yukon Quest. “After we reached the checkpoint, we realized we actually had a shot at winning. Some of the younger dogs stepped up and took control of the team as we closed in on the finish line to win."

Two weeks later, Dallas (age 24) pulled out a record-breaking 4th place finish in the 2011 Iditarod, making him the youngest musher to complete the Iditarod in a top five position.

Dallas raced and trained 7,000 miles behind his sled last year. His advice: “Never, ever give up. Count on your team. If you have a strong team, it’s amazing how much power you have to draw on.”

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