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J. J. Keller offers numerous courses on workplace safety, transportation, construction, hazmat, and human resources. Featuring the latest technology and interactive learning techniques, we combine the power and reliability of our training programs with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of Online training. And, our built-in Learning Management System (LMS) makes training easier to administer for you. Or, if you already have an LMS, we can provide you with a license to use our training courses on your system.

J. J. Keller's Interactive Training offers ...

  • Improved Consistency - Content and delivery are the same every time.
  • Cost Efficiency - You'll avoid many of the usual off-site training costs.
  • Convenience - Individualized training when it's convenient for you.
  • Easy Management - Basic everyday tasks are easy to perform.
  • Simplified Reporting & Recordkeeping - Keeping track of important training info is all at your fingertips.

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*A note about testing in Online Training Courses:

Each student has three tries to get their best score for each lesson and final exam - the number of lessons vary by course. For some courses (OSHA 10-Hours and HAZWOPER 8-Hour titles), if the student fails any lesson three times, the entire course is failed. For OSHA 10-Hour courses, the student is no longer eligible to take the training online and must seek out a different means to achieve a 10-Hour card. For the HAZWOPER 8-Hour course, the student has to start again in order to receive a completion certificate to show the course has been completed successfully. These guidelines are defined and fully disclosed to each student before they start the course.