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Professional Development

At J. J. Keller, we realize that our associates are critical to our future growth and success; therefore, we are committed to continually helping our associates learn and develop. In fact, over 50% of positions are filled by associates advancing in the organization. We believe our commitment to associate development is reflected in our continued success as an organization. To maintain a focus on professional development, J. J. Keller has implemented the following programs:

Associate and Skill Development Process

Our associate and skill development process is designed to help associates gain a clear understanding of their strengths and areas for development, as well as facilitate open communication with their leaders in terms of capabilities needed to be best positioned for a future role within the organization. Associates are encouraged to create an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to capture key experiences required to achieve career goals and aspirations. We also provide learning opportunities throughout the year on a variety of topics to help associates continually develop both personally and professionally. Additionally associates who wish to continue their education are encouraged to take advantage of our Tuition Reimbursement Program. This is another avenue to ensure our associates continually feel challenged within their current and future roles.

Leadership Development

J. J. Keller has several programs in place to facilitate development of our leaders. Talent Planning sessions are conducted annually and used to assess potential future leadership talent. Targeted plans are then put in place for those who the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) views as having the potential to take on bigger levels of leadership. The ELT is committed to providing the required experiences needed for individuals to be best positioned for future leadership roles.

J. J. Keller has a seven (7) module, interactive Front-Line Leadership Program to set our new and current leaders up for success. Over the year-long program, leaders have an opportunity to build a leadership network across the organization as they share experiences and learn from each other’s successes and challenges. This program culminates with a formal off-site graduation ceremony whereby participants engage in a series of small group discussions led by various ELT members. This provides associates the opportunity for our ELT members to get to know our current leaders on a more individuals basis.

In addition, there are also a variety of external programs for our more mid-level and senior-level leaders in the organization as developmental needs and opportunities arise throughout the year. These programs tend to be more specific to the individual and their development needs.

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