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CSA vs. SafeStat

What’s the difference between SafeStat and the new Safety Measurement System?

There are six important differences between the new Safety Measurement System (SMS) and FMCSA's former measurement system, SafeStat:

  • SMS is organized by seven specific behaviors (BASICs) while SafeStat is organized into four broad Safety Evaluation Areas (SEAs).
  • SMS identifies safety performance problems to determine the intervention level, while SafeStat identifies carriers for a compliance review.
  • SMS emphasizes on-road performance using all safety-based inspection violations while SafeStat uses only out-of-service and selected moving violations.
  • SMS uses risk-based violation weightings while SafeStat does not.
  • SMS will eventually be used to propose adverse safety fitness determination based on a carrier’s own data while SafeStat has no impact on an entity’s safety fitness rating.
  • SMS includes two distinct safety measurement system, carriers and drives, while SafeStat assesses only carriers.

View FMCSA's SafeStat vs. SMS comparison (PDF, 113KB)

Examples of key differences

The following examples are based on real data although the carrier information is blacked out. The results seen in the examples will likely be displayed differently upon national roll out but substantively, these screens show the comparison of SafeStat to SMS scores as well as information available in DSMS.

View examples of key differences (PDF, 436KB)