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CSA - What Can I Do Now to Prepare?

Have "good" inspections going into the data system

Due to the nature of the CSA Safety Measurement System (SMS) data collection and evaluations systems, and the emphasis that is placed on recent roadside inspection data, the fastest way to impact the system is to get "good" roadside inspections into the system. What constitutes a "good" roadside inspection? One that has no violations in that specific BASIC.

Avoid "high point" violations

The severity weighting system used in the SMS places a higher value on certain violations. To minimize the impact of the CSA 2010 system, carriers and drivers must take steps to avoid these high-value violations, which include ...

  • Jumping an out-of-service order
  • Operating a vehicle while ill, fatigued, or under the influence
  • Violating hours-of-service limits
  • Falsifying logs
  • Driving a CDL while disqualified
  • Required light not operating
  • Defective tires
  • Suspension defects
  • Steering system defects
  • No flags and/or lights on a projecting load
  • Cargo not secured

Prevent crashes

To minimize the impact CSA will have on your operations, take measures to reduce the number of preventable crashes in which the fleet is involved. Measures that have been proven to prevent crashes include the following:

  • Make sure drivers are trained on — and actively practice — defensive driving.
  • Investigate all accidents to determine if systemic corrections are necessary.
  • Use the Four E’s approach to track and correct policies related to safe driving, compliance, and crashes:
    • Evaluate the data
    • Engineer systems and polices to address problems
    • Educate the workforce on the systems and policies
    • Enforce those systems and policies
  • Take immediate corrective action if a driver is involved in a negative safety event (driving complaint, citation, accident, etc.)

Have the right culture

Finally, create or maintain policies, procedures, and practices that foster a culture of safety and compliance, not one of risk taking or getting the job done at all costs.

For more information on the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) initiative — formerly Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 (CSA 2010) — click on the button below.