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CSA Evaluation — Safety Fitness Determination (SFD)

The Safety Evaluation, which will be renamed Safety Fitness Determination (SFD), involves the FMCSA determining what (if any) interventions the FMCSA will take against the carrier or driver, based on the carrier’s or driver’s score when compared to predetermined thresholds.

Once a carrier’s BASICs are scored, interventions are determined using two thresholds: Intervention threshold and Unfit (failed) threshold.

If a carrier is over the Intervention threshold for any BASIC, the carrier will be subject to interventions. The exact threshold will depend on the carrier’s type of operation (passenger, hazardous materials, and regular property carrying).

If the carrier is over the Unfit threshold in any one of the "stand-alone BASICs" (Unsafe Driving and Fatigued Drivers) or any two of the other BASICs, the carrier may be subjected to the more severe interventions, such as a full compliance review. In the future, this portion of the determination system will include a determination of Unfit, requiring the carrier to make immediate corrections or cease operations.

Once fully operational, the three SFDs are intended to replace the present system of rating carriers following a Compliance Review. The three Safety Fitness Determinations are intended to be Continue to Operate (no interventions), Marginal (subject to one of the seven interventions), and Unfit (correct immediately or cease operations). The Unfit portion of CSA 2010 is dependant on rulemaking that has not yet been proposed.

Learn more about FMCSA's Safety Measurement System (SMS) Methodology PDF, 1.37MB