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60 Years Exceeding Expectations

Founded in 1953 by John "Jack" Keller, J. J. Keller was initially a one-man regulatory consulting, warehousing, and insurance underwriting operation. Over its first few years, the company focused on transportation regulatory services, building a reputation for providing practical help in meeting complex government regulations.

With a steadily growing number of associates and customers over the years, the company has built a solid reputation for providing companies in a variety of industries with solutions that make it easier to manage safety and regulatory compliance.


John Keller

On November 1, 1953, John "Jack" Keller established his one-man transportation and interstate commerce consultant business in a small office in Neenah, Wisconsin.


Corporate Status

In 1958, the "one-man" operation attained corporate status as J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. with six associates.


Transportation Journal & Exchange Bulletin

In the early 1960s, the Transportation Journal & Exchange Bulletin heralded the entrance of J. J. Keller into technical publishing for the transportation industry.


The Exempt Commodities Guide

In 1968, the first major publication, The Exempt Commodities Guide, was developed and included a quarterly supplement service.


Driver’s Daily Log

The Driver’s Daily Log was first produced in 1969. Today, J. J. Keller produces millions of log books each year.


Log audit and freight bill audit services

In the 1970s, along with permitting and reporting services and ICC authority work, J. J. Keller also provided log audit and freight bill audit services.


Construction on a 40,000 square-foot printing facility

In 1971, J. J. Keller began construction on a 40,000 square-foot printing facility in the Town of Vinland, 5 miles west of the downtown Neenah, Wisconsin location.


Placards and placard holders

In 1977, with the passing of new regulations, J. J. Keller developed a new line of products – placards and placard holders. This was the company’s first major departure from the traditional printed products base.


145 West Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Neenah

In 1979, J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. occupied the entire first and second floors at 145 West Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Neenah, Wisconsin.


J. J. Keller’s first catalog

In 1981, J. J. Keller’s first catalog, the 48-page Fleet Forms & Supplies Catalog, was produced. It contained more than 200 items.

1970s – 1980s

313,000 square feet complex

During the 1970s and 1980s, several additions were completed to the complex in the Town of Vinland, Wisconsin, bringing its total size to 313,000 square feet.


Driver Qualification File Management Service

In 1987, a new computerized Driver Qualification File Management Service was added to the Compliance Services offerings.



J. J. Keller’s first publication-on-disk, Reg-A-Dex®, came out in 1988. This software product provided information on the regulatory status of specific chemicals.


Keller Foundation

The Keller Foundation was established in 1990, in honor of the 70th birthday of Jack Keller’s wife, Ethel. Now known as the J. J. Keller Foundation, Inc., the foundation has surpassed $35 million in giving with a primary focus on basic needs in the surrounding communities.


North Park office building

In 1991, the North Park office building was constructed next to the Vinland complex. The 125,000 square-foot facility accommodated the staff from the downtown Neenah, Wisconsin, location as well as the sales and marketing teams. The downtown building was sold in May 1992.


Keller-Soft® for OSHA Workplace Safety

The first Windows® publication-on-disk, Keller-Soft® for OSHA Workplace Safety, came out in mid-1994. Since this initial offering, 80 Keller-Soft® products have been developed covering a wide range of compliance topics.


J. J. Keller's home page

In 1996, J. J. Keller launched a home page on the internet. Over the years, the website – JJKeller.com – has developed into a vital source for 24/7 product details and ordering as well as key regulatory information.



In 1997, J. J. Keller offered the KellerSCAN® scanning and software solution using Windows® technology to automate the log auditing workflow process.



In January 2001, KellerOnline® was launched to assist safety professionals. This web-based service integrates OSHA, DOT and EPA regulations and compliance documents with news, safety information, online discussions, personal assistance, and interactive tools.


ISO 14001 certification

J. J. Keller received ISO 14001 certification in 2001. The company continually strives for excellence in environmental protection. As a result, 90-95% of its waste is recycled.


Driver Management Online

In 2002, J. J. Keller launched Driver Management Online™, a tool that enables transport companies to maintain driver qualification files, manage alcohol and drug testing, hire new employees, record accidents, monitor training programs, and report compliance and management information.


Human Resource Training Customizer

In February 2002, J. J. Keller entered the human resources market with the introduction of a new software product – the Human Resource Training Customizer.


Nicolet Sales Office

In 2007, J. J. Keller added the first of two locations in Appleton, Wisconsin. The Nicolet Sales Office became the home for the sales associates responsible for Prospera®, an online people management tool.


Lynndale Sales Office

A second location opened in Appleton during 2007 was the Lynndale Sales Office. This became the new home for the KellerOnline® sales associates as well as those to be hired to sell FleetMentor®, an online tool for fleet managers.


Gillingham Sales Office

In 2008, the Gillingham Sales Office opened in Neenah, Wisconsin. This additional facility provided some much needed space for J. J. Keller’s growing telemarketing group.



In 2009, J. J. Keller launched a new website – kellerpermits.com - offering clients the opportunity to obtain temporary vehicle permits over the internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Training On Demand

In 2011, J. J. Keller launched Training On Demand – a website providing access to interactive training products as well as the new Video On Demand service. Video On Demand provides access to J. J. Keller’s training video programs and classroom training resources.



In 2013, J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. and its 1,200+ associates continue to provide assistance to companies in managing risk and regulatory compliance in the areas of transportation, industrial/workplace safety, and human resources.